Expresslash Series

Expresslah series :
The first innovation of ha eun beauty false eyelashes that uses 100% human hair and glue imported from Korea which maintains
durability in its use. You can use ha eun beauty false eyelashes 3 to 4 times.

Expresslash has many advantages, namely: waterproof, does not make eyes allergic & irritated, without glue (not a magnet), 
does not make your original eyelashes fall out, safe glue adhesive & certified adhesive.

The Expresslah series has 8 styles that are suitable for you to use according to your needs. Consists of natural style, bold, 
and cat eye. Express serial names use the following codes: NG 8031, NG 8083, NG 8035, NG 8070, NG 8101, NG 8107, NG 8115, NG 8117.

So, you don't need to worry and doubt about the quality of ha eun beauty's false eyelashes! 
Buy the product immediately and don't run out!