Ha Eun Maklon - Preglued Lashes

Administrator Ha Eun Beauty  
dari 10 bulan yang lalu (26-08-2023)

 Ha Eun Makloon is a service provider that facilitates the production process and supplies raw materials for making Pre - Glued Eyelashes.  With this, Ha Eun Makloon was formed for buyers who want or want to make their own brand of Pre-glued eyelashes without having to provide a production...

Expresslash Series

Faza Sabilaa Ha Eun Beauty  
dari 1 tahun yang lalu (19-06-2023)

Expresslah series : The first innovation of ha eun beauty false eyelashes that uses 100% human hair and glue imported from Korea which maintains durability in its use. You can use ha eun beauty false eyelashes 3 to 4 times. Expresslash has many advantages, namely: waterproof, does not make eyes...

CV. HA EUN (Ha Eun Beauty)

Administrator Ha Eun Beauty  
dari 1 tahun yang lalu (15-06-2023)

CV. Ha Eun is a main distributor for false eyelash and established since 2017. Ha Eun beauty’s eyelash is a product which is equal with export quality. it was made in the same location which has distributed export selling to the United kingdom, United States, Australia, Japan and South Korea. Ha Eun...

HE Sintetis Series

Cintiya Afriandi Ha Eun Beauty  
dari 1 tahun yang lalu (12-06-2023)

HE Synthetic : As the name implies, these eyelashes are the first in a series of Ha Eun Beauty without glue, just stick on!, which are made of synthetic hair, and all the adhesives are Henkel certified, which is recognized worldwide so they won't make your skin allergic and the materials are safe.HE...